Interview Process

Hundreds of people are homeless in Phoenix and in need of housing. How do I get accepted?

Getting accepted into our house is pretty easy. Your first step is a phone call to (480) 238-6136. Here you will be asked a series of questions that will determine if you are right for our type of  transitional housing, and find out if we have openings on the date you would like to arrive. If you are looking for transitional housing for someone who is  currently incarcerated you will need to have their Co3 initiate a call to start the interview process.

What are the questions to qualify for housing?

Why Do you want to come to One Direction?
This question is to help us understand why you chose us, did you hear about us from a friend, or are you coming from another house that told you about us?

How Long do you have sober?
We ask this question to determine which house you should be placed at., we have 2 male locations and 5 female locations. Our 1/2 way house is for women only! We require that you be able to pass a UA. Our 3/4 houses require at least 30 days sober and we prefer money up front for these houses.

Our men's program is 3/4 house only! We would like for you to have at least 30 days sober and we prefer money up front, however, we do make exceptions.

How do you plan on paying your fees?
We are a self supporting house, so we need to know if you have a job, or if you are on social security. Fees are $135 per week or $585 per month for women and $150 per week or $650 per month for men.  Please note that we CANNOT wait for a social security claim. If you do not have a job, we need to assess if the time it will take for you to get your first check will be within our time limit. We are happy to accept clients with out money upfront on a promise to pay.

Do you take any medications?
We are one of the very few sober living houses that accept people that are on medication. We will need to see all prescriptions / Bottles at the time of check in. We do not accept medical marijuana prescriptions, Opiate painkillers, any over the counter medications or mouthwash that contain Alcohol or pseudoephedrine.

What is your estimated date of arrival?
Please have the date that you plan to arrive available, this helps us plan when we will be full and when we will have open beds. If you are incarcerated, the earlier you call the better. If you are not incarcerated, please call within 3 days of your arrival so that we can try and plan to have a bed available for you.

Have you ever been convicted of sex crimes or arson?

Sadly we do not accept clients with these types of charges.

These are the majority of the questions we will ask during your phone interview. Please be prepared to answer any other questions we may find relevant to your situation.